The cost of traditional energy.

With the average household in American producing 7.5 tons of C02 per year, just one home going solar can make a huge impact on our enviroment.

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Producing renewable resources
Solar is a renewable resource, which means it's abundant and replenishes quickly.
Using low impact energy
Compared to fossil fuels, harvesting oil involves digging into the earth and damaging the surrounding enviroment.
Create an emission free, clean source of power
Generating power with fossil fuels increases carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to climate change.
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What we've offset with our solar.

Passenger vehicles driven for one year
Gallons of used gasoline
Acres of U.S forests carbon production in one year
Trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled

Solar is more than reducing a bill

Together with our customers we've offset over 5,237,421 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

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